Skimming aggregates AP

In recent years, AP skimming aggregates have become the primary tool for farmers in Serbia. They have proven to be very useful for stubble cultivation after harvest. The stubble is cut from the roots, and the harvest residues are mixed with the surface layer of the soil, which increases the fertility of the soil. Unlike the traditional method of plowing the remains, they are left on the surface for faster decomposition in the presence of oxygen. Farmers achieve greater work efficiency and reduce fuel and time consumption by using the skimming aggregate.

The model AP has a shear bolt protection- standard protection of working parts. In case of encountering an obstacle, the bolt is sheared, which protects working parts. All models come in widths of 2.2, 2.6, 3, and 3.8 meters.

It is possible to choose between 14 different types of rear rollers, depending on the needs and the type of soil.

Technical specification:

Model Width (m) Weight (kg) Count tines/discs (pcs.) Power demand (HP) Performance (HA/h) Working depth (cm)
AP/APN/APS 220 2,2 1040 5 6 1,5-2,1 15
AP/APN/APS 260 2,6 1180 6 7 1,8-2,6 15
AP/APN/APS 300 3,0 1320 7 8 2,1-3,0 15
AP/APN/APS 400 3,8 1800 9 10 2,8-4,0 15

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