Rigid precision seed drills

Main features MS 8100 and MS 8200:

Pneumatic precision seed drill with a rigid frame (for sowing corn, sunflower, soybean, beet, rapeseed…)

This type of planter is available:

  • From 2 rows at 70 cm to 8 rows at 50 cm spacing – rigid beam (8200 EASY SET system)
  • From 8 rows at 70 cm to 12 rows at 70 cm spacing – double rigid beam (8200 EASY SET system)

The model MS 8100 is very compact because planting units are directly mounted on the main beam and have a low overhanging weight.

The MS 8200 was created with the aim of making the row distance adjustment process easy and fast, and this is made possible by the hydraulically driven EASY-SET system (patented by MaterMacc).

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