MF TH.6030 6.0 m 3,000 kg 100 Hydrostatic
MF TH.6534 6.5 m 3,400 kg 130 Hydrostatic
MF TH.7035 7 m 3,500 kg 100 Hydrostatic
MF TH.7038 7 m 3,800 kg 130 Hydrostatic
MF TH.8043 7.5 m 4,300 kg 130 Hydrostatic

The MF TH Series features a new 3.4l four-cylinder Tier 4 Final compliant Doosan engine which uses straightforward technology to give an environmentally friendly solution with no compromise.

The engine delivers 100hp on the MF TH.6030 and MF TH.7035 and 130hp on the MF TH.6534 and MF TH.7038.


The two speed hydrostatic gearbox offers simplicity and smoothness of operation as well as high-performance output and capability. It has speed capabilities of up to 40 km/h* with two mechanical gears comprising of two speeds which allows the customer to choose the best speed for the application and gives excellent performance in road transport. It also has an easy-to-set creeper function for operations that demand low speed at higher engine revs. This feature provides more accuracy and control for operation such as sweeping, silage distribution, and straw spreading.


A powerful and consistent hydraulic system is paramount to the everyday productivity of a telehandler. There is a loadsensing spool valve management system on all models. All functions are electro-hydraulic and proportional thanks to a load-sensing hydraulic system. It’s very accurate and easy to use, plus it allows the operator to simultaneously use three functions, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

Maximum productivity, agility and maneuverability

Every model in the new Massey Ferguson Telehandler line-up is impressive. With engine horsepower up to 130 hp, each one has the power and endurance to tackle the toughest jobs when you need it most. The MF TH Series is a serious performer that will prove to be invaluable around the farm. Speed, agility and strength are just some of the key benefits that make this ideal multipurpose workmate in all kinds of farming operations.


Servicing is straightforward and simple thanks to well positioned service points, taking the stress out of maintaining your telehandler and leaving you with more time in the field/at work.

Side opening of the bonnet gives you wide, open access to the engine, air filter, cooling system and air conditioning system; providing quick service ability to all the major points.

telehendler MF TH

telehendler MF TH

telehendler MF TH

telehendler MF TH
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