High output and cost- effective

Massey Ferguson RB 4160V and RB 4180V variable chamber balers share a common platform and produce bales up to 1.60m or 1.80m in diameter

Feature patented bale formation system with Constant Pressure System (CPS) that combines spring and hydraulic action producing dense and uniform bales.



MF RB 4160V 0.90 – 1.60 1.23 2.00 / 2.40 3.690
MF RB 4180V 1.23 2.25 / 2.40 3.870
High speed pick-up

Higher operating speeds are possible with the Massey Ferguson camless pick-up design. With fewer moving parts, the camless pick-up is quieter, simpler and more reliable. Low maintenance and less adjustments save time and increase productivity.

The pick-up system has five tine bars with each one being spaced only 64 mm apart, providing higher capacity and a smoother even feed at high speed. On the Massey Ferguson round balers, the pick-up is positioned very closely to the rotor, therefore improving crop flow and reducing the risk of blockage.


Designed for optimum performance, Massey Ferguson round balers can be equipped with 13, 17 or 25 knives.

Cutter units are fitted with the longest knives on the market, making sure that no material will pass through uncut.

Xtracut 17 and 25 feature two sets of hydraulically operated knife banks with separate control from the cab depending on customer requirements.


The first stage of Hydroflexcontrol allowes movement of the front part of the feed chamber floor and will automatically prevent up to 80% of potential blockages and will keep you going without unnecessary downtime.

Should a major blockage occur, stage two of hydroflexcontrol is activated by the operator, and is cleared by lowering the rear of the feed table floor hydraulically from the cab, allowing for material to easily pass through into the bale chamber, therefore minimiying downtime.

Bale chamber

The bale chamber side panels are securely aligned during the production process with two large diameter tubes welded to the frame, providing a hardwearing and rigid connection for extended durability and better bale density control.

Four durable, double-ply, seamless belts have excellent grip on the bale. With two stretch-resistant core layers made of a special synthetic material, the belts can withstand high loads when forming heavy silage bales.

The Massey Ferguson Constant Pressure System (CPS) retains pressure using two large springs during bale formation, thus maintaining the correct pressure from the core outwards.

Once the core is formed, the hydraulic system takes over, which increases the pressure until the complete bale is formed. This keeps the bale surface pressure constant throughout the complete cycle.

Varionet net wrapping system

The tried and tested Varionet net wrapping system features a special net tensioning and spreading device that is capable of dealing with various widths and types of net allowing for fast wrapping of bales from edge to edge or over the edge.

Perfect wrapping of perfectly formed bales is provided by the Varionet or Variotwin systems, saving cycle time, tying materials and preserving bales for safe handling and storage afterwards.

Monitoring and control

Massey Ferguson variable chamber balers can be operated with tractor mounted monitors using ISOBUS connection or with choice of E-Control or E-Link Pro monitoring systems, both allowing full control of the baler from the tractor seat.

Unique features

Massey Ferguson is a world leading brand with extensive experience in hay and forage production on all continents. The Massey Ferguson round baler range is built to last and designed to exceed your expectations.The number of unique and patented features make our balers stand out from the crowd.

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