High output and cost- effective

Round bale baling machines RB 4160V and RB 4180V with variable chamber have a unique platform and shape bales up to 1.60 or even 1.80 m in diameter.

Feature patented bale formation system with Constant Pressure System (CPS) that combines spring and hydraulic action producing dense and uniform bales.



MF RB 4160V 0.90 – 1.60 1,23 2,00/2,40 3.690
MF RB 4180V 1,23 2,25/2,40 3.870
High speed pick-up

The design of the MF collector does not have a curved path and enables significantly higher operating speeds. Due to the smaller number of moving parts, the collector without a curved path is quieter, easier to use and at the same time more reliable. In addition, reduced maintenance costs and fewer necessary settings save time and thus increase efficiency.

The collector system is equipped with five rows of teeth that have a distance of 64 mm, which allows at all times a high flow rate and a quiet, even filling even at high speeds. On round bale baling machines, the MF Pickup is mounted in the immediate vicinity of the rotor, which improves the material flow and reduces the risk of blocking.


Massey Ferguson round balers can be equipped with 13, 17 or 25 knives and are designed for optimum performance. These cutters feature the longest blades available on the market. This guarantees that not a single uncultivated crop gets through.

Xtracut 17 and 25 have two hydraulically driven groups of knives that can be controlled from the cabin, at the customer’s request.

Xtracut 17 and 25 feature two sets of hydraulically operated knife banks with separate control from the cab depending on customer requirements.


MF round balers are equipped with the unique Hydroflexcontrol protection system, which works in two phases to maximize efficiency in the field and reduce downtime. The first stage is an automatic mechanical suspension of the floor to remove smaller blockages, and the second stage is a hydraulically controlled lowering of the floor to remove larger blockages. In the first stage, Hydroflexcontrol ensures that the front part of the base of the supply channel can be moved up and down, which can prevent up to 80% of potential blockages. In this way, periods of work interruptions are reduced, that is, the period of work is extended.

If a blockage does occur, the driver from the cab activates the second stage of the Hydroflexcontrol system in which the rear part of the feed chute base hydraulically raises and lowers, thus reliably feeding any blockages into the bale chamber, which also reduces downtime.

Bale chamber

The side walls of the bale chamber are reliably and safely steered during the production process by means of two large diameter wheels welded to the frame. They take care of long-term and, above all, stable connection of the bales, and their uniform density is guaranteed.

Four double-layer endless belts ensure excellent stability of the bales. Thanks to two solid layers of a special synthetic material, the belts are characterized by high resistance even when the large forces that appear when shaping heavy silage bales are applied.

The patented bale shaping system features a rear door that moves downwards during baling so that growing bales can be moved backwards. Therefore, the bale chamber also consists of a separate section with two additional rollers to ensure excellent bale cores.

Once the core is formed, the hydraulic system takes over, which increases the pressure until the complete bale is formed. This keeps the bale surface pressure constant throughout the complete cycle.

Varionet net wrapping system

The highly efficient tying system Varionet is equipped with a special tying and spreading system that takes care of the most different widths and types of nets and for fast and reliable tying of bales from edge to edge or around them.

With the Varionet or Variotwin system, perfectly shaped bales get perfect binding, reducing binding time and saving binding material, after which the bales can be safely and reliably transported and stored.

Monitoring and control

Massey Ferguson balers with variable chambers can be controlled either by means of ISOBUS control via the tractor screen or via E-Control, i.e. the E-Link Pro monitoring system, both performances allowing full control of the machine from the driver’s seat.

Unique features

Massey Ferguson is the world’s leading brand with rich experience in the production of hay and silage on all continents. Massey Ferguson’s exceptional range of round baling machines is characterized by a long lifespan and is sure to exceed your expectations. Only thanks to the high number of unique and patented functions such as split power transmission, outer casing and lubrication, our machines stand out from the crowd.


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