The three-cylinder and four-cylinder Common Rail engines guarantee optimum fuel economy, unbridled power and exceptional reliability. Global Series tractors meet Tier 4 Final emissions requirements, with the use of an all-in-one SCR technology, eliminating the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or regeneration.

MF 5708 Dyna 4 85 AGCO POWER 3 cyl./3.3 l Dyna 4
MF 5709 Dyna 4 95 AGCO POWER 3 cyl./3.3 l Dyna 4
MF 5710 Dyna 4 100 AGCO POWER 4 cyl / 4.4 l 12 x 12 Synchro-Shuttle manual (Standard)
MF 5710 Dyna 4 100 AGCO POWER 4 cyl / 4.4 l Dyna-4 16/16 Lastschaltgetriebe (optional)
MF 5710 Dyna 4 110 AGCO POWER 4 cyl / 4.4 l 12 x 12 Synchro-Shuttle manual (Standard)
MF 5710 Dyna 4 110 AGCO POWER 4 cyl / 4.4 l Dyna-4 16/16 Lastschaltgetriebe (optional)

The three-cylinder and four-cylinder engines with Common Rail technology of the MF 5700 series feature a compact design that allows the fuel tank to be expanded to allow for longer working days without compromising productivity.

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), the engine used in the this series is not only one of the most productive powerplants available, but is also among the most fuel efficient on the market. Exhaust gases pass through the catalyst, oxidizing carbon monoxide, carbon gases, unburned fuel and unburned oil. This reduces the level of toxic emissions.

This Massey Ferguson transmission is renowned for its outstanding robust reliability with smooth and effortless operation, offering completely clutchless control via the left-hand Power Control Lever or the T-lever on the right-hand console.

A new brake-activated transmission to neutral feature is an option with AutoDrive. As soon as the brake is pressed it simultaneously operates the clutch. This eases the load on the operator, while increasing efficiency and convenience and is particularly useful for loader operations.


The Dyna-4 transmission

Dyna 4 benefits include:

Exceptional performance on the farm, field or on the road—16 forward and 16 reverse speeds on one lever, all shifted without using the clutch. <br>Ultimate ease of use with left-hand Power Control lever or T-Leverwhich is unique in this range.

Right-Hand T-Handle

Simply move the T-shaped transmission control lever forwards or backwards to change up or down through the four Dynashift ratios. To change range, simply press the range selection button as you move the lever.


Auto-Drive provides automatic shifting and operates in two modes:

– Auto-Drive Power mode: Power-shift changes at 2,100 RPM

– Auto-Drive Eco mode: Power-shift changes at 1,500 RPM


From the ergonomically crafted right-hand side console and controls, to the smartly positioned T-Lever and functional dashboard, nothing is missing to make your long and hard day very productive with less fatigue and more output.

The Advanced Dashboard

Displays engine and PTO speeds, service intervals, fuel consumption, distance traveled, area worked, oil temperature, tractor hours, engine memorized speed and service information.

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