The future of agriculture – a hybrid model of Massey Ferguson.

Merging conventional and rotary technology, the MF Delta hybrid combine meets the harvesting demands of large-scale farmers and contractors. With a host of features to improve operator comfort and control as well as increase capacity and performance, the MF Delta provides a choice of high output harvesters for those looking for dependability, reliability and technology for all needs and budgets.

MF 9380 496 Agco Power 7 cyl. SCR /9,8 l hybrid 12500

The Massey Ferguson Hi-Inertia threshing cylinder has heavy-duty support bars which add weight to the outside of the drum, creating a flywheel effect. This gives consistent speed – even in undulating loads, maintaining high output with high productivity. Quality is paramount with extremely low damage within the sample, unlike other machines. The last grains are separated through the unique eight-walker system providing up to 33% more agitation than 6 Walker systems, gentle separation and a low power requirement. Therefore, less fuel leaves the straw in perfect condition for baling. Gentle full separation is enhanced by the action of the rotary separator, which can be adjusted easily for clearance and speed. One-third of the rear part of the concave has double-spaced wires offering higher separation rates and lower losses than other concaves. The main threshing process has been completed at this stage, and the story is all about separation. Širok ulaz prema rotoru osigurava rampa za uvlačenje materijala, koja povećava i olakšava protok materijala za vršidbu, tako da se materijal, uprkos visokoj snazi mašine, nežno provodi kroz kombajn.

Concave clearance can be adjusted to a total 40mm to allow high volumes of material to pass through. This is particularly effective in oilseed rape, where it becomes easier to pass through the concave and produce an excellent sample, and in wheat, where overthreshing is prevented and separation is higher.


The Massey Ferguson HyPerforma Technology is a finely tuned combination of precision engineering and proven technology. The Hi-Inertia threshing system, Hi-Performance concave, rotor feeder and Hi-Separation rotors form the synergy between crop and combine.

Total separation area – 5.44 m².

All Delta combines are complemented by a range of FreeFlow or PowerFlow headers of widths up to 10.7m, which is designed to maximize harvesting productivity and efficiency while minimizing crop loss. Massey Ferguson has developed a completely new 10.74m cutting width Powerflow cutting table for the MF DELTA Hybrid combines. This further builds on the merits of the existing Powerflow, which is proven over decades of use to boost output by more than 70% in oilseed rape and make it easier for operators working in tough field conditions. The completely new Generation Powerflow table, available for the MF DELTA Hybrid combines, offers extra width to increase capacity and a massive new auger and other features to boost performance. Crops are cut by a double-drive Schümacher knife, which provides consistent speeds for high outputs. It also offers better reliability because it is subjected to far less stress than a single knife operating across 10.74m. New, wider Powerflow belts provide a continuous active crop gathering, which cuts table losses and presents an even ‘heads-first’ feed, powering the crop into the auger. At 762mm in diameter, the new SuperFlow auger provides 41% more working area than any competitive design. Full-width feathering fingers can deliver high-speed harvesting performance in any crop condition without bunching. Quick and easy adjustments make it simple for operators to change settings for optimum flow in varying crops and conditions.

The new generation combines are powered by the latest and most advanced AGCO POWER engines, all equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. The MF CENTORA has an 8.4 liter, six-cylinder engine, while the MF DELTA Hybrid benefits from the unique seven-cylinder, 9.8-liter unit renowned for its balance and smooth operation. These engines are also designed to deliver a flat torque curve. This is the characteristic the combine requires for continuous power delivery under load. Coupled with the low friction drives the combines deliver excellent fuel economy and very low fuel consumption/tonne.

This also means combines will run longer on a single fill-up, and to ensure sufficient fuel for long harvesting days, MF DELTA combines are equipped with new 1,000-liter diesel tanks and 120-liter tanks for AdBlue.

The Skyline cab

The Skyline cab has plenty of room and space to feel comfortable, yet maintains the key visibility lines the operator needs to view the unloader, the stubble, and the header. To help the operator view behind the combine, they can use the large electrically-adjusted heated mirrors and the standard camera facility on the Tech Touch Terminal. The cab comes with a host of features you would expect in an operator environment of this quality: Cabs are quiet and vibration-free, allowing you to carry out the harvesting without distraction.

Along with other excellent insulation throughout the cab, this allows operators to work in quiet comfort. An air-suspended operator seat is standard, complemented by a comfortable instructor seat, fitted above a cooler and storage box. The fully adjustable steering column suits all operator shapes and sizes and its narrow dimensions provide a clear view on to the header.

Additional functions are located on the right side of the armrest. The simple steering wheel, Soft-Touch adjustment button and display are directly connected to the TechTouch terminal. Excellent visibility and ergonomically arranged control and adjustment elements make work easier and increase productivity.

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