MF CENTORA provides a choice of high output combine harvesters for farmers who are looking for dependability, reliability and a technology level suited to their requirements and their pockets.

The AGCO Power engine has been designed to match the latest emission regulations using SCR technology. It’s better for the environment and running costs will be one of the lowest in the business. These are important parameters. Also, it’s important how it performs – the fuelling is designed to give a flat torque curve, one that a combine needs to give a constant delivery under load, which is exactly what it needs. This, coupled with the low friction drives, will give you incredibly low fuel consumption per tonne and excellent fuel economy. The engine deck has also been designed, so maintenance is quick and easy, with good access. The advanced design means it stays clean and safe.

MF 7380 379 Agco Power 6 cyl. SCR /8,4 l 8 straw walkers 10500
MF 7382 404 Agco Power 6 cyl. SCR /8,4 l 8 straw walkers 12500

Features: threshing drum, rotating drum, rotating separator and basket. The unique eight bar threshing drum with heavy-duty backing bars keeps the flow of goods stable with its stable speed. High permeability concave offers an additional front rub bar, which ensures a clean grain sample with maximum separation.

To further increase capacity on the CENTORA combines, the concave can now open wider – to 40mm to handle extra throughput. This is set and adjusted via the DataVision screen in the cab. A wide concave setting not only allows more crops to flow through but on easy to thresh crops, such as oilseed rape. It also helps cut power and fuel consumption. Opening up the concave in other small grain crops, such as wheat prevents over-threshing and provides more crop-on-crop threshing to separate more grain from the straw.

Specially designed separation fingers are placed in a spiral formation along the length of both rotors to assist the movement of the crop. These fingers are angled specifically to reduce straw damage and ensure high grain separation. The design of the concave separation grates underneath the twin rotors ensures easy throughput low crop resistance and prevents straw damage.

Important management and control systems:
  • Pre-set cutting height for effortless headland turns.
  • Cutting height control for even stubble height.
  • Field pressure control allows the table to follow the ground contour giving the lowest possible cutting height for flat crops such as peas and grass seeds, without the risk of “bulldozing” the soil.
  • Auto Level table that continuously adjusts the table left and right to ensure you follow the field’s contours.
  • Auto reel speed- adjusts reel speed to ensure your selected ‘forward speed to reel speed ratio’ is maintained as you harvest
  • Powerflow tables are fitted with the Schumacher system offering high performance with rugged durability.
  • The ‘under and over’ cutting process gives quality cutting in all conditions.
  • An optional rape auger can be fitted which increases performance in tall crops.

The new-generation MF Centora combine harvester is powered by a modern 8.4-liter six-cylinder AGCO POWER engine with SCR technology, which corresponds to the Tier 4 Final / EU level IV emission standard.

The MF Centora combine achieves greater performance with a single refueling. To ensure there is enough fuel to harvest during the long day, the combine is equipped with a 1000-liter fuel tank and a 120-liter AdBlue tank.

The Skyline cab

The operator environment is key to getting the best performance from the machine, and excellent visibility coupled with controls in the right place make the workload easier and more productive. Intuitive menus on the Tech Touch Terminal provide information at a moment’s notice, and active warning systems protect your investment. Industry-leading low sound levels are achieved using state-of-the-art sound-insulating glass.

The standard air suspension seat suits drivers of every shape and size, and the new ‘3D’ (tilt, telescopic, incline) steering column, allows the driver to find the perfect working position. In addition to this, there is a convenient upholstered instructor seat.

Additional functions are located on the right side of the armrest. Simple steering, Soft-Touch adjustment button and display are directly connected to the TechTouch terminal. Excellent visibility and ergonomically arranged control and adjustment elements make work easier and increase productivity.

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