Thanks to low operating costs, lower fuel consumption, and easy maintenance, the MF BETA and MF BETA ParaLevel combine harvesters are particularly suitable for medium-sized farms. In addition to their functional, practical design with a combination of modern technology and proven equipment, they also guarantee maximum efficiency and ease of use in the field when you are in a hurry. The BETA-Series combine harvesters have been developed and manufactured in the center of excellence in the Italian town Breganze to the highest standards to maximize durability and longevity.

Model HP Engine No. of straw walkers Grain capacity
MF 7360 276 Agco Power 6 cyl. SCR / 7.4 l 5 9000
MF 7370 360 Agco Power 6 cyl. SCR /8,4 l 6 9000

The threshing drum has added weight in the form of ballast bars which increases the inertia in the cylinder as the rasp bars threshes the heads.

This reduces the load on the drives, power requirement and fuel consumption.

PowerFlow™ is the industry benchmark table for high capacity in all conditions. The proven belt drive powers the crop into the combine ensuring seamless feeding. The Power Feed Roller at the front of the main crop elevator gives a consistent crop flow from the table into the main crop elevator. The knife is a massive 1.14 m from the table auger, so vision and performance are optimum. The rugged PowerFlow™ belts power the crop away from the knife and into the main crop elevator at a consistent speed.

With cutting widths from 4.80 m – 7.60 m, the Freeflow™ table features a welded frame to which bolt-on panels (such as the table bottom plates) are mounted, making it extremely easy to replace parts when necessary.

The AGCO Power engine has been designed to match the latest emission regulations using SCR technology, meaning that it has one of the most advanced designs on the market. Fuelling is intended to give a flat torque curve, required to provide a constant delivery under load despite the conditions. This, coupled with the low friction drives, will provide you with incredibly low fuel consumption per tonne and excellent fuel economy.

The MF BETA series combine harvesters are now equipped with a magnificent, newly designed, panoramic Skyline cab, which offers the driver plenty of space and comfort.

A good cab environment is the key to getting the best performance from the machine and operator. Excellent visibility with ergonomically placed controls makes the workload easier and more productive. Intuitive menus on the TechTouch terminal provide information at a moments notice and active warning systems protect your investment.

The cab comes with a host of features you would expect in an operator environment of this quality:

  • New PowerGrip lever
  • Membrane keypad, located directly on the right side of the armrest
  • H9 high-intensity lights for excellent all-round visibility late into the evening
  • New TechTouch terminal
  • Fully automatic air conditioning including heating
  • Air suspension seat
  • Electrically adjustable heated mirrors
  • Instructor seat with cooler and storage box
  • Excellent sound insulation including special sound-absorbing glass means you work in quiet comfort
  • Safe and easy to use cab steps
  • Two part mirrors for selected visibility
  • Optional – lighting package
  • Optional – Multimedia radio with navigation

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