We can promise you that your AGCO POWER Stage V engines use SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and SC (Soot Catalyst) as the main exhaust after-treatment technology. It’s better for the environment and delivers some of the lowest running costs in the business. Consistent, reliable harvesting performance in all conditions is ensured thanks to the engine delivering a long, flat torque curve specifically designed for constant power delivery under load. Combined with the highly efficient drivelines, this also saves fuel, increasing harvesting efficiency and cutting costs.

An excellent cab environment is the key to getting the best performance from the machine and operator. Excellent visibility with ergonomically placed controls makes the workload easier and more productive. Intuitive menus on the TechTouch 2 terminal provide information at a moment’s notice and active warning systems protect your investment.

MF 7345 S 243 Agco Power 6 cyl. SCR / 6.6 l 5 straw walkers 8600
MF 7347 S 276 Agco Power 6 cyl. SCR / 7.4 l 6 straw walkers 8600

The threshing drum has added weight in the form of ballast bars which increases the inertia in the cylinder as the rasp bars thresh the heads. This reduces load on the drives, power requirement and fuel consumption. The concave has differentiated wire spacing, the rear section of the concave has half as many wires as the front section. This principle provides the optimum balance between high threshing capacity and good grain flow through the concave. The concave, front and rear, can be set from the cab independently in order to optimise the threshing quality.

Two versions of the combine are available:

-Concave with the ABC module (an extension to the separation area of the concave and is adjustable in three positions)

-Concave with the ABC module, Power Feed Roller and MCS (Multicrop Separator)

The FreeFlow cutting tables on the MF 7345S and MF 7347S combines are designed for harvesting a wide variety of crops. The table consists of a welded frame to which bolt-on panels are mounted. These panels, for example the table bottom plates, can be replaced easily when required. The crop is cut by a high performance (1254 strokes per minute) Schumacher knife and gearbox. It then feeds into a large 610mm diameter table auger that has feathering fingers along its entire length. These ensure even distribution of the crop as it is fed into the main crop elevator.

All the table and reel adjustments are made using the MultiFunction lever in the cab. Auto level and automatic cutting height control is standard on all machines to optimise table performance on all types of terrain. Lifters can be fitted and to keep turnaround time to a minimum a multi coupler is fitted as standard.


A Schumacher knife and drive is also used for the PowerFlow table – Crops like oil seed rape, peas and rye are as difficult to harvest as laid wheat and barley. Pioneered by Massey Ferguson , the PowerFlow table has the ability to tackle these crops with ease. Tests have shown that you can increase your output by up to 73% in difficult conditions with PowerFlow so it’s a real high performance option.

Massey Ferguson continues to lead the trend for high powered, low cost, low emission engines. MF 7300 Series ACTIVA combines are powered by the latest generation, stage 3b AGCO SISU POWER engines.

All of these engines work with SCR (Selective Catalytic reduction) and a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), inside the exhaust which reduces the amount of harmful particulates entering the atmosphere.These electronically controlled engines are the heart of the machine and deliver the power needed for consistent and efficient harvesting in all conditions.

The main benefit of SCR is fuel consumption; up to 10% less than previous versions and the confidence that the engines are working in an environmentally friendly manner, meeting all EU engine regulations. This tried and trusted system, which is familiar to other Massey Ferguson machinery, requires the use of AdBlue which is placed in a separate tank.

The control cabin contains more comfort and more handling options.The multi adjustable air suspension seat is the key; positioned with maximum visibility in mind, the multi position steering column slots into place once the operator is in the seat.

As the new armrest is part of the seat it also positions itself correctly, placing the dash and multifunction lever in a comfortable position for the operator. The multifunction control lever falls readily to hand next to the new console holding the switch and function layout.The cab comes with a host of features you would expect in an operator environment of this quality: Adjustable airseat, Air conditioning and heating, Electrically adjustable heated mirrors, Instructor seat, Optional cooler and storage box, Eight working lights, Excellent sound insulation, Easy, safe steps to reach the cab

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