MF 8700 S

The MF 8700 S Series is a prime example of our combined efforts to refine the efficiency of common rail fuel technology and meet the specific needs of tractor owners in this high horse power segment. From our developments has come the highest horsepower 6 cylinder tractor in the Massey Ferguson Range, offering up to 405 hp courtesy of a fuelling system which calculates precisely the fuel required by the engine at any given moment, responding to the load placed upon it by transport, field, PTO or hydraulic applications.

Furthermore, more innovations have been introduced, such as the Datatronic 5 touch screen, new AutoGuide options, LED lights, a new selection of tires, and new details have been introduced that contribute to user safety. The interior and exterior design have also been changed.

MF 8727 S 270 300 Agco Power 6 cyl./8.4 l TwinT Dyna VT
MF 8730 S 295 325 Agco Power 6 cyl./8.4 l TwinT Dyna VT
MF 8732 S 320 350 Agco Power 6 cyl./8.4 l TwinT Dyna VT
MF 8735 S 350 380 Agco Power 6 cyl./8.4 l TwinT Dyna VT
MF 8737 S 370 400 Agco Power 6 cyl./8.4 l TwinT Dyna VT
MF 8740 S 400 405 Agco Power 6 cyl./8.4 l TwinT Dyna VT

The MF 8700 range is available in two specification levels: Efficient and Exclusive, for a choice of premium or super-premium environments and specifications.

Both are designed around a spacious frame and logical, carefully thought-out controls.

Everything is to hand, with key controls all on the operator’s right, and those used most often grouped on the armrest.

The four-pillar cab frame design makes for superb 360° all-round vision to the sides and out to the extremities of wide implements, while the award-winning OptiRide Plus cab suspension uses cutting edge sensors, hydraulics and accumulators to ensure the operator is always on the level.

The level of damping can be set in from the cab, to meet the driver’s preference.

Paired with a premium-class air-suspended operator’s seat, the result is one of the most comfortable rides around

The slim dashboard design provides for quick, clear and easy analysis of operating data, presented on the easy-to-read color Setup and Information Screen (SIS)





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