MF 6700 S

The MF 6700 S series tractors are based on the popular MF 6600 series and meet the latest Tier 4 Final emission standard. These professional machines, with a power range of 120 to 200 hp, ensure an unsurpassed power-to-weight ratio as well as exceptional agility.

The most powerful four-cylinder tractor in the world, MF 6718 S, with power up to 200 hp, sets new standards in this class. Furthermore, the MF 6700 S series has additional innovations, such as the new Fieldstar 5 touchscreen terminal, AutoGuide option, LED light, and brings important changes in details that provide additional security for the user. The interior and exterior design have also been changed.

MF 6712 S 120 140 Agco Power 4 cyl./ 4,9 l Dyna 4
MF 6713 S 130 150 Agco Power 4 cyl./ 4,9 l Dyna 4 / 6 / VT
MF 6714 S 140 160 Agco Power 4 cyl./ 4,9 l Dyna 4 / 6 / VT
MF 6715 S 150 175 Agco Power 4 cyl./ 4,9 l Dyna 4 / 6 / VT
MF 6716 S 160 185 Agco Power 4 cyl./ 4,9 l Dyna 6 / VT
MF 6718 S 175 200 Agco Power 4 cyl./ 4,9 l Dyna 6 / VT

The easy to maintain 4.9 liter AGCO Power™ engine is Tier 4 Final compliant, featuring common rail fuel injection. Combined with high airflow through four valves/cylinders, it efficiently manages the combustion process to deliver optimum power and higher fuel efficiency. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology further helps meet emissions requirements.

Dyna-4 and Dyna-5 transmissions with Engine Power Management (EPM) are simple to operate. All functions can be controlled without using the clutch pedal and information on range selection and powershift ratios is displayed on the dashboard.

Speedmatching is standard to ensure the most appropriate powershift ratio is automatically selected, and Autodrive, Supercreep and Comfort Control are also standard.

Dyna-6 models come with ‘ECO Mode’ for maximum fuel and engine efficiency. Dyna-4 and 6 come with Engine Power Management (EPM) for continuous power delivery in various conditions and applications, increasing productivity whilst lowering fuel consumption.

In ECO Mode the tractor reaches maximum speed with lower engine revs, using less fuel and reducing noise levels.

‘Clutch effect’ allows the operator to brake and clutch at the same time with one foot, making loader operation easier, more comfortable and safer.

Dyna-VT is designed to ensure maximum productivity, reduce operator strain and optimize fuel efficiency. Power control lever allows hassle-free forward/reverse shuttling and speed change. By using SV1 and SV2 and ‘pre-setting’, the speed will be maintained automatically and memorized at engine shutdown.

‘Supervisor’ activates when the engine load increases and engine speed drops. The transmission will reduce forward speed to maintain power and the tractor will operate at maximum output as load fluctuates.

For control and comfort works the Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) with Dyna-VT and automatically controls engine and transmission when activated. DTM handles engine speed to maintain forward speed and minimize engine revs without losing power.

The tractors of this series have a panoramic cab with extended windshield, side windows and numerous improvements, as well as free choice of joystick and armrest, new controls on the right B-pillar, new instrument panel with SIS Screen (Setup and Information) and console, but also equipment with Datatronic CCD system.

The cabs on the MF 7700 S provide an environment designed specifically to counter stress and fatigue by providing unparalleled comfort, simplicity and visibility.

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