MF 5700 S

The MF 5700 S offers excellent manoeuvrability and versatility for work in the yard, in the field or on the road – a superb all-rounder!The MF 5700 S series tractors build on the MF 5700 SL series and meet the latest Tier 4 Final emissions standard.

Massey Ferguson’s new S-Effect also integrates a number of features on this model, such as the new Fieldstar 5 touchscreen terminal, new AutoGuide options, LED lighting options and important detail changes to increase operator safety. The design has also been changed, both externally and internally, with the MF 5700 S series now offering the favorite Multipad joystick known from the MF 6700 S, 7700 S and 8700 C series.

MF 5709 S 95 Agco Power 4 cyl./4.4 l Dyna 4/6
MF 5710 S 100 Agco Power 4 cyl./4.4 l Dyna 4/6
MF 5711 S 110 Agco Power 4 cyl./4.4 l Dyna 4/6
MF 5712 S 120 Agco Power 4 cyl./4.4 l Dyna 4/6
MF 5713 S 130 Agco Power 4 cyl./4.4 l Dyna 4/6

Renowned for reliability, ruggedness and fuel economy, a 4.4-litre AGCO Power four-cylinder engine provides the heart of this Tractor Series.

Due to the sophisticated design, the third generation SCR technology had to be supplemented with a diesel oxidation indicator (DOC) in order to comply with the strict limit values of the latest exhaust regulations. The new all-in-one system has no impact on visibility or access to maintenance.

Dyna 4

The impressive performance and efficient design of the Dyna-4 transmission provides unbeatable productivity, control and convenience, with completely clutchless shifting of 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds.


Dyna 6

The Dyna 6 transmission, specially developed for models with 95 to 130 hp four-cylinder engines, fits perfectly with the longer wheelbase and outstanding maneuverability of these tractors. In addition to exceptional user accessibility for efficient work with the front loader, the transmission also has innovative functions for field work. This type of transmission offers a 24/24 speed range also without interrupting the power flow, ie. without the use of a clutch.


You can choose between two types of cab – “Essential” and “Efficient”, with which you can adapt your tractor to all your needs.

Thanks to two different cab options, it is possible to choose between the Standard, Visio or Slimline roofs.

Large choice of cabin and roof types associated with a simple and efficient suspension system and front axle suspension. Easy cab acces and best visibility on the market with large glass area and sloping bonnet.

Essential information always to hand with the new dashboard with Set Up and Information Screen (SIS) and Datatronic 4 console to manage all tractors functions. Perfect ergonomics with all controls laid out for easy operation.

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