MF 3700

The new MF 3700 is designed for ultimate efficiency and low cost of operation using a range of the latest straightforward and dependable technologies.Efficient drive-lines, advanced compliance with the Stage 3B emissions standard, low fuel consumption, long service intervals, impressive traction and lifting capacities together with low maintenance costs – the MF 3700 simply makes your farming business more profitable. Massey Ferguson’s MF 3700 Series comprises five high quality specialist tractor models. New is the WF version, a wider tractor for use in orchards, also ideal for alpine farms, hillside vineyards and livestock operations.

MF 3707 / V GE SF WF 75 FPT 4 cyl./3.4 l 12 × 12, 24 × 24, 24 × 12 with hp
MF 3708 / V GE SF WF 85 FPT 4 cyl./3.4 l 12 × 12, 24 × 24, 24 × 12 with hp
MF 3709 / V GE SF WF 95 FPT 4 cyl./3.4 l 12 × 12, 24 × 24, 24 × 12 with hp
MF 3710 / GE SF WF 105 FPT 4 cyl./3.4 l 12 × 12, 24 × 24, 24 × 12 with hp

The MF 3700 Series is powered by new generation Stage 3B four-cylinder engines from 75 to 105hp, delivering more power and torque to handle more demanding operations and high output implements. These Common Rail engines offer two engine rpm memories (Efficient Version) and one engine memory (Essential Version), allowing preferred engine speeds to be set for easier driving.

A larger 75 litre fuel tank with optional additional 30 litre fuel tank minimises downtime for re-fuelling, and fuel tank access is now on the top of the bonnet, further speeding re-fuelling, and giving easier access when a front implement is fitted.

There is a choice of four different transmissions to suit the requirements of your particular cropping or husbandry tasks. Specify the simplicity of a mechanical transmission or take advantage of high speed shuttling between forward and reverse speeds, for example when loading materials or produce.

Transmission controls are also situated on the gear lever allowing the operator to de-clutch, but also to change the Speedshift from Hi to Lo.

The operator will therefore enjoy 8 clutchless ratios per range, enhancing the driving comfort and efficiency (24/24 Speedshift & 24/12 Powershuttle & Speedshift). The 24/12 Powershuttle & Speedshift version has unique joystickmounted transmission buttons which group clutch, transmission and implement functions onto one easy control (Efficient Version).

Operators can focus on their implement and the task in progress, with every control conveniently to hand.

You’ll find it surprisingly roomy for a specialist tractor, with all controls falling easily to hand and superb visibility giving the perfect view of your high value crops.

Alongside fixed or telescopic steering wheel options, a tiltable steering wheel can be specified, allowing the operator to adjust it for optimum comfort, and helping to further enhance the easy, uncluttered access.

The foot throttle is now placed along the transmission tunnel in the cab for easy access and improved comfort.

Everything is at the right place. The controls are logically laid out on the right hand console whatever the specification selected. The engine memory engagement is near the PTO switch while the linkage position and settings combine precision & straightforward use. A unique joystick controlling the offset & levelling of the rear linkage is available on the Efficient version for extra comfort.

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