Fertilizer spreaders

The brand Eurospand has always stood out with success for the special attention paid to producing and supplying professional fertilizer spreaders characterized by structural sturdiness, precision of distribution, resistance to corrosion, continuous and constant technical innovation, making these features the core of its way of thinking.


The system with vibrating hopper bottom that feeds continuously the distribution system. In the market so far the feeding of the most common fertilizer spreaders (fertilizer and seed distributors) is carried out by fall of the product, thanks to the hopper inclined walls, and by the use of mechanical devices turning inside the hopper, dipped into the product. These latter devices are commonly known as “agitators”, and allow for a continuous flow of the product towards the feed system. During their function, these metal agitators collide against the fertilizer and cause friction or abrasion among granules, with subsequent breaks of the product and alteration of its nutritional characteristics. As a matter of fact, a broken or pulverized fertilizer immediately releases its properties to the ground instead of diluting them for a longer length of time. Furthermore, should a spreader be used to distribute seeds, the agitator rotation can damage the seeds. The damaged seeds will obviously never sprout. The non-use of agitators avoids the products crushing, assuring a uniform dosage of the chosen quantities, of granular, powdered and pelleted fertilizers and seeds.

Years of research and development in the lab and in field, led our company to the creation of the “VIBRO SYSTEM”, an innovative stainless steel system made of a vibrant disc mounted at the hopper bottom and above the feed system When engaging the PTO shaft, the hopper bottom starts to vibrate, and keeps on doing so for the entire distribution lapse of time.

Electronic version

In these versions of fertilizer spreaders, the required dosage is automatically adjusted according to the forward speed (Forward Speed Calibration) by means of two linear actuators. The system enables the instantaneous variation of the applied dosage, the interruption of spreading on one side, the verification of the worked hectares directly and comfortably from the tractor’s seat.

+W versions: electronic and weighing system for top performances

A double frame integrates two load cells, 5000 kg each, that detect the real weight of the product in the hopper in a continuous way, reporting every fertilizer and every physical variation to a distribution curve in order to deliver the exact quantity per hectare required. The Jolly/Zeus fertilizer spreader “W” version with double frame and two load cells positioned in the hitching lower area of the spreader detect precise values also in presence of inclined fields up to 12% in all directions.

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