BTH short disc harrows

The model of short disc harrows BTH manufactured by Landstal is increasingly used in modern agriculture, and the reason for this is their practicality and universality of use. This type of machine is ideal both for crushing and mixing the plant mass with the soil, as well as for breaking up clods and preparing the seed bed. By mixing plant residues with soil, a bed is obtained that is rich in shredded humus, which contributes to soil preservation and increased yield.

A large distance between disc sections of even one meter enables work without congestion, and a large disc diameter of 560 mm (optionally 610 mm) ensures easy traction and high working speed, and therefore high work performance. At the same time, each disc is independently connected to the main frame by means of a rubber suspension that ensures better shredding of crop residues and crushing of lumps. Also, it is important to point out that the disk bearings are closed and do not require lubrication, and the disks themselves are made by Italian manufacturers OFAS and AMA, and are made of high-quality anti-abrasive steel alloys.

The hydraulic system is characterized by great robustness and reliability in operation, and the automatic locking of the machine in the transport position comes as standard equipment. It is possible to choose between several different widths of the working reach of the BTH disc cutter: 4, 4.5, 5 and 6 meters. Also, an option is a towed version of this model of disc mower with the same working grips.

In order to make the work of the BTH disc harrow as efficient as possible, depending on the type of soil, it is possible to choose between as many as 14 different types of rear rollers.

Technical specification:

Model Width (m) Weight with tubular roller * Power demand (HP) Performance (HA / h) Working depth (cm)
BTH 400 4 2.500 100-150 2,9-4,2 14
BTH 450 4,5 2.800 130-160 3,1-4,9 14
BTH 500 5 3.160 140-180 4,1-5,9 14
BTH 600 6 3.600 170-210 5,0-7,0 14

*The weight of the trailed version is about 1,000 kg higher



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