Auto-pilots for Tractors F100

Sveaverken’s system for automatic tractor guidance is a complex high-tech system maximally simplified and reduced to only a few components for ease of use and installation. By combining GNSS and RTK technology, a precision of up to 2.5 cm is achieved, at a speed of up to 20 km/h. So that the application of this device is possible in almost all agricultural operations, even the most demanding ones, such as the sowing of wide-row and narrow-row crops.

  • The system can be installed in any type of tractor with a hydraulic steering wheel.
  • The entire automatic control system is contained in 4 components: a monitor, one central antenna, a wheel angle sensor and a steering wheel with an electric motor.
  • The tilt sensor is integrated into the receiving antenna, and the system automatically recognizes and compensates for the steering in relation to the slope of the terrain.
  • It is possible to install up to 2 Wi-Fi cameras with infrared capabilities for night work
  • Possibility of plot mapping


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